Intro. Scripture


Introduction to New Testament

The second part of the Holy Bible is called the New Testament. Its meaning is 'New covenant (Luke 22:20). New Covenant means through Jesus Christ, God and men are being in peace. This new testament was written by the desciples of Jesus in their own languages. In the Old Testament the coming of a Savior/Redeemer is being said by God through the prophets. This fact is being fulfilled by the birth of Jesus Christ in the New Testament.

The greatest matter said in the New Testament is the salvation/redemption of the sinner. The salvation message is given in the gospels of Mathew, Mark, Luke and John. In these gospels are written about  Jesus' birth, the works of Jesus, Jesus being crucified on the Cross and on the third day Jesus is resurrected.

Later, the book of Acts, talks about the works of Christians. After there are letters - where there is teachings for the believers in Church and last of all, the book of Revelation, talks about the prophecy of Jesus return.  In this book, from the biginning till the end, the teaching of Jesus is being said in parables.

There are 27 books in the New Testament.